A Complete Smile for the New Year

January is almost here and you know what that means: making new year resolutions. But while our intentions may be good, these resolutions don’t often get met. Instead, they often get forgotten or put aside after a time. But when it comes to your dental health and your missing teeth, make a change for the better by investing in dental implants.

Dental implants are now considered the highest standard in teeth replacement, thanks to the many benefits they bring. But many patients in Fishers, IN may feel hesitant about making the new year’s commitment to fix the gaps in their smiles. Take a look below at some reasons why it’s important to improve your oral health this year, and how dental implants can help.

What Happens When You Don’t Treat Missing Teeth?

Tooth loss is nothing to sniff about when it comes to your oral health. After a tooth is lost, it can be hard for the jawbone to recover. Since there is no tooth there for support, the jawbone often depletes over time.

As the jawbone slowly weakens, the surrounding teeth may start to shift out of place. This is due to the change in the balance of your bite: with one tooth out of the equation, the pressure of your bite strength changes, and the rest of your teeth may shift to compensate for the loss. Shifting teeth is bad, and could mean that you’ll suffer even more tooth loss in the future.

Now imagine what could happen if you continue losing teeth: not only will it become harder to bite, but it will also cause you to prematurely wrinkle. Losing teeth means you lose the structure that forms your face. So, without teeth your cheeks will sag and the skin under your eyes could wrinkle. A lot of patients may find this disconcerting, as their smile no longer reflects their age.

How Are Dental Implants Good For You?

With all this talk of tooth loss and early wrinkling, it could be enough to scare patients into wanting to care for their teeth. And, when it comes to choosing a viable tooth replacement treatment, there’s no better way than through dental implants. These devices are permanently placed in your mouth and undergo osseointegration with your jawbone. This process not only secures the implant to your jawbone, but also promotes regeneration and healing. This way, those signs of premature aging might start to disappear, and you’ll also see signs of decay or gum disease clearing up around the implant site.

Unlike dentures and dental bridges, which can end up making your bite strength feel awkward or weak, dental implants work with your natural teeth to maintain that strength you need to eat. You can eat what you want without any special preparations, and feel more confident in your smile.

A Picture-Perfect Complete Smile

This coming new year, don’t just leave your tooth loss to rot; instead, think about getting some dental implants from Dr. Taler here at Advanced Family Dentistry. Stick to your resolution and take back your smile!

Getting started with the dental implant process is as easy as giving us a call. A consultation with Dr. Taler includes an oral exam, diagnostics, a discussion of your options, and finally a decision about dental implants. Want to make the right new year’s resolution? Take charge of your oral health and consider dental implants as your tooth replacement treatment of choice.

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