Soda and Teeth: What’s the Harm?

Who doesn’t love soda? It’s a treat that you can get in a variety of flavors any day. There are even entrepreneurs who love to make and bottle their own pop. It’s present at every sports game, every birthday party, and every workplace vending machine. But have you ever thought about what soda does to your teeth? You may have heard about how it can be harmful to your body in large quantities, but most patients may not realize the effect it’s having on their pearly-whites. Take a look below as we explore what

Buzzfeed’s Soda Experiment

We came upon this topic today due to a video that one of our team members found. It was created by Buzzfeed, the popular entertainment news site, and they introduced a few people to what happens to a tooth when left in soda for five days.

While this is definitely what would happen if you soaked your teeth in soda for five whole days, it’s not quite realistic, since that’s not what most drink 24/7. But you can imagine that the effects would be similar if you did drink nothing but soda at meals, over the span of a lifetime.

The Truth About Fizz

The long-term effects of soda come from the carbonation and the acidity it brings. Turns out, this carbonation can eat away slowly at the enamel, softening it to a degree where it becomes more susceptible to cavities and other infections.

When soda softens the enamel, the tooth can get attacked on all sides by bad brushing techniques, poor flossing, and teeth grinding (bruxism). This is dangerous for people who drink soda daily; according to a study by Northwest Dentistry, some teenagers can down at least 12 sodas per day.

But here’s where some good news comes in: you can indulge in your favorite soda every once in a while, but consider the following as well. Take care of the teeth you have, and substitute that soda for something else: whether it’s natural fruit juice, water, or milk, these substances will do much less harm than soda can. Counteract the effects of carbonation with rinsing, brushing, and flossing, so that the effects don’t linger on your teeth. Also, be sure to attend regular dental checkups at the dentist for fluoride cleanings as well.

What Happens If You Lose a Tooth?

Let’s say that your soda habit gets out of hand; you develop cavities and refuse to go to the dentist because you’re ashamed of it. But eventually, that tooth decay takes hold and destroys your tooth, causing it to fall out and puts your neighboring teeth at risk.

It doesn’t need to continue like this; instead, invest in a dental implant with Dr. Taler. Turns out that dental implants bring a whole host of health benefits for patients like you. Whether you’ve lost a tooth to decay or by accident, implants can trigger a regeneration effect that helps improve the condition of your jawbone.

Contact Us About Any Tooth Decay Issues

Are you a frequent soda drinker and found the video above a little shocking? You’re not alone! And while you don’t need to quit soda cold-turkey, we recommend that you change or improve your oral health care regimen, to ensure that your teeth stay safe. Contact us for more information in Fishers, IN with Dr. David Taler.

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